CVC prides themselves in being a reliable field service organization for high vacuum equipment repair and maintenance in the vacuum metallurgy industry. The owner operator is an experienced journeyman and has worked in and throughout the semiconductor industry all over the world. He has been in business since 1992, He has references available and has earned recognition for expert repairs and prompt customer service.

Whether you are looking to converting older system to a new version, need a safety upgrade, or you need on site repair and preventive maintenance; CVC has the experts on hand for you. Listed below is example of systems often serviced in the field Airco Temescal BJD 1800 & 2400, FC 1800 FC 2000 FC 3200 evaporators,  CHA Industries Mark 40 Mark 50 SEC 600/1000 SE 600/1000 & RAP. CPA 9900 CPA V2000 CPA H3000,                     CVC Products Inc AST 601, CVC 2800LL “Load Lock”, CVC 611LL, CVC 4500,  CVC CONNEXION  Cluster Tool.  Materials Research Corporation MRC 900 series MRC 600 series MRC 822                                                            Perkin Elmer 2400 Perkin Elmer 4400        Varian Vacuum 3180 3190 3290 Varian XM    MKS Instruments Mass flow controllers, Ion gauge controllers and vacuum valve controllers.