CVC Technical Services has been serving the needs of businesses, both large and small, for over a decade. The owner operator has over thirty years experience and was past service manager for Innotec Group Inc., CVC Products Inc. Rochester  NY (who was acquired by Veeco Instuments) and California Vacuum.


We offer field services for routine maintenance, such as fluid changes, belt replacement, filter, and trap maintenance. We offer to help design preventive maintenance schedules for customer processes that help provide better performance from your equipment and guard against equipment failure. Using this service can also schedule your equipment for refurbishing before you have a catastrophic hard parts failure.


CVC offers helium leak testing services in shop at your facility, We use a Stanford Research Systems Residual Gas Analyzer with a Closed Ion Source which enables us to excel in leak detecting services for medical equipment, research and development, industrial, commercial, production operations in all aspects of the vacuum industry. Helium leak testing is a non-destructive form of testing. Highly effective, we are able to detect leaks in the 10-11 standard cc/sec range. Vacuum testing is done by connecting the test object to the leak detector, evacuating the object then spraying helium around the object. If a leak is present helium will enter the leak and show as an indication on the leak chart. Typically used on items such as bellows, medical radiation equipment any vacuum chamber or systems.


We offer an immediate category service for critical situations. Return time depends on the customers location and on parts availability, but rebuilds usually take 24 hours after we have acquired all necessary parts. For volume users, we set up routine schedules, for service at regular intervals depending on the history. For frequent customers we offer quantity discounts


Decontamination services are available for a variety of equipment. Equipment (such as pumps, valves, chambers, etc..) used in the semiconductor, gas transfer and management are disassembled and processed through a cleaning regimen to make them safe for human handling. A MSDS must accompany all equipment sent for service. At no time will CVC accept equipment that has been exposed to radioactive or biological materials or substances.


Pickup and delivery are free within a 75-mile radius of portals. Outside the area, we arrange shipment by common carrier. Please note that the repair prices quoted include ground freight charges within the Continental US. Call our Home Office for details before shipping an item.