Activity Rates Conditions
Labor Rates:
Hourly Rate $600 for the first 4 Hours $150 each additional Hour Regular Time Rates, eight (8) hours onsite if local, 100 miles round trip travel time is included. Four-hour minimum charge.
Daily Rate $1200 Daily $1500 with Leak Detector Up to eight (8) hours labor, includes 100 miles round trip and  travel time.
Overtime Rate $200 Hourly Overtime Rate in excess of eight (8) hours per day weekends and holidays.
Block Time $95 Hourly Blocks of time available at discounted rates, when purchased in increments of 100 hours.
Travel Rates:
Travel Time $65 Hourly Travel Time Rate while in route via public or company transportation.
Company Car $0.55 Mile plus Travel Time If over 100 miles round trip.
Public Transit Billed at Cost Based on published fares.
Rental Car Billed at Cost Based on published fares.
Hotel/Per Diem Billed at Cost Based on published fares.

Domestic Service Rates and Conditions 2021
*Travel Time: Circumstances requiring abnormal travel time will
be subject to negotiation.

*Service Specialist:
Alex Greco,
(510) 304-7291,


Temescal CV-8 Electron
Beam power supply