CVC 2800-LL System Description. 

2800openframeServices Process Versatility

R&D, GaAs, Hybrid, IC, LSI, VLSI, Silicides, Solar Cell & Liquid Crystal

With the CVC 2800 series Sputter System there are up to 8 process stations with up to 9 process modes available for your specified combination of sputter accessories.

  • Front and backside heat and preclean
  • Ion source clean
  • RF or DC magnetron sputtering
  • RF or DC diode sputtering
  • RF or DC triode sputtering
  • RF bias sputter and preclean
  • Co-Sputtering

Superior Film Quality

Film uniformity of +/-5% over the entire Rotostrate 7″ annulus is readily achieved with single axis, simple rotation. Dense films with high electrical conductivity and excellent ohmic contact are produced routinely, run after run. Grain size is easily controlled by adjustments of sputtering parameters.

Excellent Design for Clean Operation

Pinhole defects and particulate contamination are minimized with the sputter up configuration, the sputter system is designed to fit into a clean room or laminar flow hood to maximize process cleanliness. The internal chamber mechanisms are easy to lift out for rapid interchange with clean parts. It’s so easy, you can clean the system as often as your process requires and still maintain production schedules.